Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jim DeMint Leaving The Senate - My Take

So Jim DeMint announced that he is leaving the Senate to head the Heritage Foundation; good for him.

Now while I'm not in complete agreement with Senator DeMint on everything, I think he was one of the few voices of fiscal sanity in the Senate and his is a voice that will be missed.

So here's my take, one of two things happened that prompted the South Carolina Republican to walk away from the final four years of his term.

My first guess is that the powers-that-be in the GOP told him to knock of his Tea Party rabble rousing and march in lockstep like a good party soldier or else they would neuter him. My other theory is that he saw the light, a la Ron Paul, and realized that there is no fixing Leviathan from the inside. (A third option is that he decided to take the money and run.)

Regardless of why he is leaving, he's showing that he's smart enough to bail before the whole thing comes crashing down and that's he's not just another power-drunk politician who feels entitled to a lifetime of luxury at the taxpayer's expense.

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