Sunday, April 1, 2012

William Reddie Another Senseless Drug War Casualty

William Reddie
Of course the State justified his murder because William Reddie allegedly pulled a knife and lunged at officers, but they had no business being there to begin with. Once again all one of their agents has to do is claim they smelled something and due process is out the window.

No marijuana was found in Reddie's system, even though the police claim he admitted to smoking earlier in the day and there is no mention that any drugs were found in the apartment.

Now for the kicker, the domestic disturbance that police initially responded to; Reddie was having a heated argument over the phone according to the Petoskey News.

A man is dead and a child witnessed his father's murder all because of a phone call and a smell.

Chalk another one up for the War on Drugs. Bravo.
A prosecutor in northern Michigan has cleared the police officer who shot and killed a Grayling man as police and Child Protective Services (CPS) employees attempted to seize his three-year-old. The attempted removal of the minor child came after a police officer who came to the scene on a call earlier that same day reported that he smelled marijuana and reported the incident to CPS authorities, who decided the child needed to be removed. The dead man, William Reddie, 32, becomes the 17th person killed in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

Reddie's killing took place on February 3, but we only became aware of it when news broke this week that prosecutors had decided that the police officer's use of deadly force in the incident was justified.

According to the Crawford County Avalanche, Grayling police Officer Alan Somero was called to Reddie's apartment for an alleged domestic disturbance. Somero made no arrests, but believed he smelled marijuana and reported it to CPS. Two CPS employees went to Reddie's apartment to check on the situation. They then got a court order to remove Reddie's 3-year-old son, Cameron, and asked police to escort them to the apartment to serve the court order.

The Gaylord Herald-Times, which obtained the CPS removal order, added more detail. It reported that Reddie had been accused of smoking marijuana in front of his son, and that Reddie had become "agitated" and threatened police when confronted by that accusation earlier in the day.

Toxicology reports, which were included in the final investigation, showed there was no marijuana or alcohol in Reddie's system when he was killed.


  1. So if there was no marijuana in his system, how did the cop get away with it? Its obvious there are some major lies here.

    1. Siobhan

      It should come as no surprise that one agent of the state has cleared another agent of the state in the murder of a civilian. That's how the justice system works.

      I'd be willing to speculate that there wasn't even a knife.

    2. Agreed - I doubt there was either, but seriously - does anyone really think this guy brought a knife to a gunfight? Even then, he knew they had no probable cause, a police officer committing a felony is still a felony, and breaking down the doors as it sounds they did - he "stood his ground" in a "stand your ground" state. You can't have it both ways.

    3. if he's innocent of the accusations, why couldnt he take the time to prove it instead of pulling out the knife? he sounds like the type that didnt like law enforcement anyway so why not just comply and let them find out that they were wrong. he couldve assured his son that he needed to stay and talk to the policeman and he (the son) should go with the cps workers and that he would see him in a little while. i wish that things had not turned out like they did but it wouldve taken very long to get it straightened out. i just dont get this bs with defiance.

    4. Since when does anyone have to prove anything not get your children taken away? Oh right, since civil liberties became a joke in your country. Proving his innocence would have taken months of his son being in the "care" of the authorites, if the system had even allowed it. When the authorities get an idea that you're involved with drugs or domestic violence they don't tend to abandon said idea just because it's totally unsupported. I think there was a much better chance of his son getting raped or beaten in custody than it not "taking very long toget it straightened out".

  2. Stand your ground holds about as much water as a sieve when it comes to officers of the law- and you'll end up like that sieve as evidenced time and time again. Bet on it.

    1. Anonymous.. is obvious that you do not share the same definition of the word "liberty" as most (or some) Americans do....we are supposed to be free of inappropriate government intrusions into our personal liberty.....I grew up in a family of corrupt law enforcement family (parents/brothers)..
      ..and if you think the police or courts are any less corrupt than the rest of your government... have much to learn and accept.... here's the deal....liberty...your liberty, my liberty...all of our freedoms are at stake when we allow the government to define "morality" and to enforce inhumane punishments such as prison time for weed, etc....and when we allow corrupt law enforcement to "enforce" immoral or unconstitutional laws, we give up our liberty a little bit at a has been happening over the course of our baby-booming you want to be at the beck-n-call of gangsters who openly violate our Constitution...enjoy sucking up....for myself and others...liberty is more important than an empty life of servitude to the "The State"...

      Sadly...we must not share the same definition of life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness..


      RJ O'Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

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  3. Ok. So take the dope out...The police and CPS show up with a court order. Here's a clue. Don't pull a weapon out. Sue em if u think they r wrong. Don't pull out a knife. If I were a cop I would shoot him too. Stupid action.

    1. Ano

      I'm not very confident there was a knife since the police seemed to be caught in 2 lies. First they said they smelled pot but no drugs were found in the apartment and second that Reddie admitted to smoking pot that day but nothing was found in his system.

      There must be more to the story that we will never hear, just like the case in Tucson AZ where a SWAT team pumped some 60+ rounds into Jose Guenera because of a questionable warrant

    2. i guess all of law enforcement is part of big conspiracy theory to go into random homes to kill ppl? where is the paranoia coming from?

    3. The "paranoia" is coming from well documented cases of decades of police abuse under cover of drug laws. How long has your head been stuck up your posterior to have missed all the mountains of documented evidence of police brutality, misconduct and the covering up of said misconduct by other agents of the state.

      Are you just straight retarded?

  4. Sorry to burst your bubbles but I know the deputy involved. There's no way in hell he'd shoot someone without cause and that cause being his life was in some serious danger. He's not a rookie, it wasn't his first rodeo, he's never shot anyone before... but wait there was no knife according to you conspiracy theorists. So why did he shoot him? Did he pick his nose in front of him? No, wouldn't shoot him for that. Wait I know! He scratched his chin! This is how ridiculous people who say "I dont think there really was a knife involved" sound, get real!

    He wouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight are you serious! People do it all the time! Look up the police officer death site, there are stories of cops... Who have guns! Being killed by knives all over the place in there! Pulling a knife is probable cause for self defense! If someone pulls a knife on me and I have a gun guess what?! I'm pretty certain who's going home that night if I have anything to do with it and I'm Joe-blow citizen! And guess what the courts will say? I was within my rights to defend myself using lethal force for a deadly force situation. Pot or not, they were originally called for a domestic and that was listed as a reason for the child removal in the court order. The cops had every right to be there, they had a court order for the child's safety and John Klepadlo had every right to go home to his family that night. Oh wait bet you didn't think of that one!

    1. One officer lied to get the CP order. That's it. The toxicology report showed the obvious lie. If the whole incident was started by a lie, why would anyone believe the rest is true?

      Why do you think dressing up in a funny uniform and pinning on a badge makes someone perfectly honest and level headed vs. every other person on the planet?

      Where do you come from where symbols of office bestow god like powers of perception and honesty?

      You seem like a babe lost in the woods when it comes to the real world.

    2. If you know the police officer then you should have no problem identifying yourself so that we can check out the facts of your argument. The way I see it is you are probably just another policeman doing what the police do best. (And I'm not talking about mooching donuts. I'm talking about lying to cover their asses and the asses of their friends on the force.

    3. I have see that a judge might instruct the jury that of they believe a person lied about one thing they may assume that he may lie about all things. That is they may as well dismiss everything the liar said.
      I read that autopsy said there may have been trace of prescription drug but no cannabis nor alcohol.
      So, who said that the guy jumped at the cop and who did not claim that the guy admitted to smoking marijuana?

  5. Sorry to burst YOUR bubble but the cops had no right to be there with CPS since according to the story the impetus for calling them in was an alleged smell of marijuana.

    Unfortunately we'll never know what really happened in the apartment because William Reddie was denied the chance to tell his side of the story.

  6. if little willie hadnt have blown his cool that day and pulled a knife, he would b at home with his child today. what if a neighbor smelled what they thought could b marijuana with a child in the house? would they b to blame too for caring about the child? it wouldnt have taken hardly any of his time to let the child go with cps for a little while and willie couldve had a little blood drawn and it would b over and everyone would b at home now. they did have a right to b there even if there was only the suspicion of the smell of marijuana. mj smokers dont regularly walk around the neighborhood with a joint. his action of pulling the knife is the reason he isnt here anymore, not the cops nor cps.

  7. So a thug comes to your house to forcibly take your child from you, and you should acquiesce? Bullshit. The only tragedy here was that he wasn't properly prepared with the correct tools and skills to defend his family from a kidnapping.

    Just because someone wears a costume and has been anointed by the state, does not give them any right to commit a crime. Period.

  8. Increasingly, one must be concerned with the credibility of the police in the new police state. As economic hardship tightens, as police are forced to work for lower wages and as police, in response to a heightened criminal environmental, start popping anabolic steroids to build themselves up with weight training (which they often do causing incidents of rage), these type of incidents will only increase.
    It will get worse as police are now allegedly using drug sniffing dogs to simply steal money and other items out of cars, especially during broad sweeps they conduct at roadblocks. As they start to feel even more economic pressure, these incidents will only increase.

  9. One would think that cops would become more careful with the increasing number of videos showing up that completely contradict what they claim.
    I guess they don't need care a lot if they get caught though. Review boards are likely to declare that the video did not show everything or distorted - or something.
    Being found out ain't so bad if can have faith that little to nothing is likely to come of it.

  10. Some Anonymous said that it would make no sense that a cop would shoot that guy if the guy did not attack him with the knife. He said that guys come after cops with knives all the time.
    I have heard that claim made. Cop says the person attacked him and video shows cop attacking someone who did not do squat.
    I think that Mr Anonymous is a bit selective of what unlikely thing to not believe.

    Did cop lie about smelling the pot?
    Maybe the dead fellow lied to the cop and said that he had smoked some in front of his kid.
    Or maybe the cop lied about smelling pot - as is an often used claim - Autopsy proved the guy had not smoked pot. Maybe not for weeks or maybe never.
    Some folks defend the guy standing his ground with a knife as if they believe the liar cop told the truth about anything at all.
    I'd expect that the victim did not comply and did not respect the cops authoritah and maybe they found a knife in his pocket or a cop donated one. Saw a few of them where cops brought own own drug to the bust and was not careful about the camera.

    I suppose that Mr Anonymous apologist would gladly deliver up his kid and give the cops boot a nice lick while saying thanks for being allowed to serve authoritah.


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