Sunday, April 8, 2012

Video: Ron Paul Packs Them In At California Rallies

6,200 at Cal State-Chico, 8,500 at UC-Berkely and 7,000+ at a sold out UCLA even.

Much to the chagrin of the LSM, the R3volution is not waning, it's still going strong; they are just ignoring it.

Big surprise.

Washington Times
Interest in his UCLA appearance grew so large that organizers had to move the event to Straus Stadium (Los Angeles Tennis Center at UCLA). The stadium’s capacity is 7000, and Paul filled it. Tweeters were online twittering for supporters @RonPaul to come hear him speak, and they went crazy on the twitter blogs sites. People were encouraged to register as a Republican so that candidate Ron Paul could take some California delegates.

Ron Paul spoke to Cal State University-Chico on Tuesday to an estimated 6,200 people, and at UC-Berkely to 8,500 on Thursday. Now the trick will be to translate that enthusiasm into registered voters.

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  1. Ron Paul has supporters hanging in trees? I thought only the TEA Party had any interest in seeing people hang from trees.

    I guess I just can't believe the MSM like I used to! Silly me.


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