Saturday, March 10, 2012

TLP Quik Hits: Charles Krauthammer Agrees With Ron Paul... Sort Of

Krauthammer may be urging restraint when it comes to military action against Syria for now, but he is still fully behind our intervention in that nation's conflict.

When will the Warhawks learn that it is in our national security interest to not get involved in the internal politics of other sovereign nations?

Daily Caller
“I think Obama is right on this and McCain is wrong,” Krauthammer said. “I think this is not Libya. Libya is an oil well with a long beach and a primitive army. Syria has a serious air force, a serious army, and this would be a serious war.”

Krauthammer proposed reviving “the Reagan Doctrine,” a covert strategy of supporting insurgencies. Krauthammer first coined the term in 1985.

“I think what we should adopt is the Reagan Doctrine, the way he combated the expansion of Soviet influence in Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Angola. You support the insurgency. You don’t put Americans on the ground or in the air,” he said. “And why we aren’t arming and training and helping the insurgents in Turkey, you know, the ones who defected into Turkey out of Syria, I do not understand.”

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