Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Come And Get Me Coppers - Federal Reserve To Monitor Social Media

H/T The Economic Collapse and Zero Hedge

As if the Obama for America created Attack Watch wasn't a big enough joke, Helicopter Ben and the Federal Reserve want to get into the act by monitoring social media as this "Request for Proposal" put out to vendors who may be interested in participating in the development of a "Sentiment Analysis And Social Media Monitoring Solution" shows.

The Fed is worried that we limited government types see right through their plans to devalue our currency and pose a threat to their scheme. Why else would they feel the need to create a mechanism "to gather data from the primary social media platforms –Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums and YouTube" with "real-time monitoring of relevant conversations" and "an alerting mechanism that automatically sends out reports or notifications based a predefined trigger."

Now I haven't made fun of the bearded snake-oil salesman in a while, so it looks like I have my work cut out for me if I want to get on that list; which I will wear like a badge of honor.

So to get the ball rolling, this is for you Ben. I will make it my life's work to Audit the Fed, End the Fed and get our currency back on the Gold Standard in order to get our republic's financial house in order.

So Ben, if you are reading this; kiss my ass. And Tiny Tim Geithner, you can pucker up too.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gary Johnson Scores Big Endorsement

Today Gov Johnson scored a big endorsement from GOP heavy Roger Stone.

The STONEzone endorses Gov. Gary Johnson for President
One of the key reasons why Governor Rick Perry faired poorly in the FOX Florida Debate was the gang up of other “conservative” candidates on Perry, the front runner. This, of course, plays into Mitt Romney’s hands but does nothing to enhance the candidacies of Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann or even “moderate” Jon Huntsman Jr.

A wiser strategy for both Santorum and Bachmann would be to take on Romney, demonstrating to the conservative and Tea Party base an ability to take on the establishment candidate. Their goal should have been to be more effective on the attack against Romney than Rick Perry was.

Shooting Perry in the back makes little sense. I reject the idea of a “conservative intramural” to weed out who will face Romney. This race is wide open and Mitt Romney is the weakest front runner in recent history.

The most interesting thing in the debate was the national debut of Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico, a pro-pot, anti-war libertarian with a record of cutting taxes and spending and creating more jobs than Mitt Romney in Massachusetts or Governor Rick Perry in Texas.

The STONEzone formally endorses Governor Gary Johnson for the Republican nomination for president in this very posting. Be sure to read this exceptional profile on Governor Gary Johnson from GQ.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Reason (Of Many) That RINO Hacks John Boehner and Eric Cantor Need to Go

By the Left Coast Rebel

The Washington Post has it that "GOP Leaders Rebuked on Spending;" Politico has it that "Vote shows Boehner's Lack of Control."

Per usual, the lamestream press is missing the point.

I'll put it simply here: John Boehner and Eric Cantor think that they can "get along" with the Democrats, quietly pushing through destructive legislation that aids and abets the statist agenda.

They don't even put up a fight.

They just roll over and expect conservatives in the House and the Tea Party grassroots to go along.

No. And they must go.

CNS News has the real reasons behind House conservatives voting down the Boehner/Cantor continuing resolution (a fancy way of saying short-term) budget:

(CNSNews.com) - The Republican leadership tried to pass a continuing resolution through the House of Representatives on Wednesday afternoon that would have permitted funding for Obamacare implementation, Planned Parenthood, the United Nations Population Fund, and the Palestinian Authority to continue in the new federal fiscal year that begins on Oct. 1.

The bill was defeated 195 to 230 when 48 House conservatives joined with 182 House Democrats in voting against it.
Sweet. Attaboy for standing by your principles, House conservatives.

Republican leadership is known for saying one thing and doing the precise opposite. Limited government! Taxes! Ooohh, those wascally Democrats!

Then, they don't even put up a fight. How's this for throwing social conservatives under the bus:

An analysis of the CR published by the conservative House Republican Study Committee, said that it “continues funding for the United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA), the UN agency known for its involvement in China’s brutal one-child policy. It also continues $300 million in annual funding to the Title X family planning program, which is a prime funding source for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.”
And fiscal conservatives, too:

The failed CR, promoted by House Speaker John Boehner (R.-Ohio) and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R.-Va.), was a temporary measure designed to fund the entire government through Nov. 18.

During that time, it would have funded the government at an annualized rate just $7 billion less than the level of federal spending for fiscal 2011--but $24 billion more than the Republican-controlled House approved in the budget resolution they passed earlier this year.

How about throwing all limited-government conservatives, independents, libertarians et al. under the bus?

Obamacare -- the same Obamacare that Boehner/Cantor rode into House majority status with, promising to repeal/replace/de-fund gets funded in Boehner/Cantor budget:

“Some conservatives may be concerned that the legislation does not block funding for Obamacare during the period covered by the legislation,” said the study-committee analysis.
Imagine that there isn't anyone railing against this abomination over at Memeorandum. "Conservative" bloggers and talking heads are too busy waving their 'R' red-white-and-blue flags to consider that they are being used and bamboozled by the very leadership that they put into power positions November of last year in the first place.

Boehner and Cantor have no interest in promoting or furthering the righting of our financial ship. Can we afford that right now?

Another question: What happens when we have a President Rick Perry or Mitt Romney and these two guys are still the leaders in the House?

Think about it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gary Johnson Makes The Cut - Invited To FOX/Google Debate Thursday

It's about time.

It was quite frustrating to see the mediots exclude a legitimate candidate like Governor Gary Johnson even though he was polling ahead of their darlings Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman.

Daily Beast
Gary Johnson, the Republican presidential candidate who has labored in obscurity, is about to get his moment in the spotlight—for one night, at least.

Johnson will be included in Thursday's Fox News debate in Orlando, the first time he will share a stage with his eight rivals—over the objections of the Florida Republican Party.

The former New Mexico governor won the right to participate, according to Fox sources, by cracking 1 percent in the latest five national polls in which he was included—Fox News, CNN, McClatchy-Marist, ABC, and Quinnipiac—which was the criterion the network had set for inclusion.

Johnson is a quirky character, a libertarian who wants to legalize marijuana and is opposed to a border fence to stop illegal immigration. But he has attracted a passionate if tiny following while mostly flying below the media's radar.
The Florida GOP establishment isn't too pleased about his inclusion however, I guess they want more of the Mitt and Rick show.

Via Memeorandum

Living The American Dream

Just got our property tax bill for the year and I have to say that I liked it much better when they just told me how much we owed. This year the county decided to give an itemized breakdown of what they are redistributing my hard earned money for; I guess just to rub salt in the wound.

Of the $735 that they are bending us over for, $452 or 61.5% of that is going to the local school district, the county junior college and an institute of technology. They're even boning us for something called "school equalization", whatever that is.

We don't even have kids and neither of us have a clue where the JC or institute of technology is, let alone use them.

They even have the nerve to hit us up for a few bucks for the fire district assistance tax even though we live in a part of the county that they don't cover and we need to pay a private fire company $250 annually.

Please pass the sand.

At least we can take solace in the fact that they deducted $82 due to state aid to education (which comes out of what the state steals from us every week, no doubt) and our property is valued at $110K less than what we owe on it.

We're just living the American dream.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Video - Peter Schiff Tells Leviathan How To Create Jobs 9/13/11

On Tuesday, September 13, Peter Schiff, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, www.europac.net, testified before the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight and Government Spending. The hearing entitled, "Take Two: The President's Proposal to Stimulate the Economy and Create Jobs" will examine federal job creation efforts. Mr. Schiff, author of many best-selling books including “How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes” is well known for his views on how federal regulatory activism and irresponsible monetary and fiscal policy is actively destroying jobs in America.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Vince Vaughn Shows Support for Ron Paul at the Reno, Nevada Liberty Political Action Conference

Cross-posted at the Left Coast Rebel

Who's in this photo?

Hint: A Hollywood big-shot who starred in one of my favorite movies, a United States senator and a 76-year-old congressman committed more than any other to the Jeffersonian ideal of liberty:


Pretty neat. Like I said at the LCR Facebook page, I had no idea that Vince Vaughn was anything but an elitist, clueless Hollywood leftist limo-libtard moonbat.

Nice to know I can put him on the dozen-or-so list of celebs I have a *little* respect for.

More photos of Vince Vaughn with Ron Paul at the Nevada Liberty Political Action Conference here.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Time For A Big Old American Divorce

Don't worry, me and the missus are fine, still getting along great after 28 + years together and almost 19 years of marriage, we're as happy together as peanut butter and Fluff. Rather it is our republic that is much in need of a divorce as we as a people are suffering from serious irreconcilable differences.

Listening to the talk shows from the left and the right has drawn me to this sad conclusion.

Those on the left are convinced that anyone who believes in limited government, personal freedom and the free market is a racist, corporatist shill who would rather see their fellow human being suffer in poverty and poor health as a slave to the rich. Conversely, those on the right firmly believe that their opposites are socialist nanny-staters who want nothing more than to be layabouts while big government pays for their every want and whim.

So here's my suggestion; you go your way and I'll go mine. No alimony or support; we'll just go our separate ways because there is no middle ground.

And this is the beauty of the founder's vision for our republic, think of it as a Free State Project on a grand scale.

For those that desire to be part of a collective where all resources are shared and distributed equally, where cradle-to-grave government is the desired way of life and strict regulation of business is the norm, you will have your utopian dream. You will not have anything that you can call your own but your state governments will feed you, clothe you, educate you, employ you, care for you when your sick, manage your roads and infrastructure and do all those other thing that you don't want to worry about.

Meanwhile those of us who believe in the less is more policy of governance, we'll opt out of that. We'll be self sufficient; if we want something we'll pay for it. We'll feed, house and support ourselves taking care of those close to us who are in need, education; we decide the curriculum, have to travel; we'll pay the toll, want to fly; no TSA, a business screws us over; they'll go broke from lack of patrons, want protection; we'll pay for that too but we'll mainly rely on ourselves and neighbors. Anything that government can do, we can do better.

Of course there'll be different shades of red and blue and sure we'll still be together as the United States with some need of a military to protect the nation and a system of courts to enforce contract and property law along with settling disputes among the states.

Short of that, we'd be separate but equal; 50 laboratories of innovation all with different levels of state control. Don't get me wrong, we would still interact and trade based on agreements we'll make freely and fairly but at the end of the day you got what you wanted and I'll have what I want.

This may seem unrealistic, but it is really the only way that we can resolve our irreconcilable differences and respect each others points of view before things fall apart and it turns into one big, ugly culture war.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Boots On The Ground In Libya... Who'd A Thunk It?

First we were told that the "kinetic action" in Libya would last "days, not weeks".

Then we were told that the War Powers Resolution didn't apply because ours was only a supporting role.

It only seemed logical that despite being told otherwise, there would be US "boots on the ground" at some point. Well guess what, that time has come.

But these boots aren't made for fightin' claims the State Department, they're only there to assist in rebuilding the US Embassy, so that doesn't count.

As usual the LSM couldn't be bothered to report this triviality.

Fox News
Despite repeated assurances from President Obama and military leaders that the U.S. would not send uniformed military personnel into Libya, four U.S. service members arrived on the ground in Tripoli over the weekend.

According to Pentagon spokesman Capt. John Kirby, the four unidentified troops are there working under the State Department's chief of mission to assist in rebuilding the U.S. Embassy.

Kirby noted the embassy in Tripoli was badly damaged during the conflict between Muammar Qaddafi's forces and the rebels.

Two of the military personnel are explosive-ordnance experts who will be used to disable any explosives traps left in the embassy. The other two are "general security," according to Kirby.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland assured reporters Monday that the four individuals are not in Libya to fight.

"When the president made his commitment to 'no boots on ground' ... obviously that had to do with entering into the fray between the Qaddafi forces and the Libyan freedom fighters, and that's not what these guys are engaged in," Nuland said.

Kirby also made clear these troops are in no way part of a military operation on the ground. They are armed, however, if for some reason they need to protect themselves.

The troops are only expected to be there for a short while. After the assessment of the embassy is complete, they are expected to leave.
Via Memeorandum

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Conditioning Americans For A Police State

Armed Amtrak officer at Penn Station in NYC 9/9/11
I'm a little tired and grumpy today so if you are expecting some cheery remembrance of 9/11, you are in the wrong place. Yes the events of ten years ago were horrible and those who were behind the attacks deserve a special place in hell.

America changed on that day, but not for the better. Unfortunately, Leviathan has used it as a convenient excuse to strip us of our freedoms via the PATRIOT Act and by putting us under the watchful eye of Big Sis along with other usurpations of our freedoms.

Tens years later our overlords are using the false flag of a new terror threat to heighten security across the nation. Heavily armed police, in full battle regalia, have been patrolling the streets of NYC for days, in anticipation of another attack, airports are on high alert and the mediots are playing the drama to the hilt.

Remember, on 9/11/01 and before, the USAF didn't even have fighters armed and at the ready, as a former pilot who was set to intercept Flight 93, points out. Our government and military were completely surprised by the use of commercial jets as weapons and were still stuck in the Cold War mentality where there would be time to prepare.

The reason for my annoyance today is that I had the misfortune of having to fly today. This was my eighth flight in four weeks, six if which I was lucky enough to get the full-body X-ray treatment, but once I got to the airport I knew today was going to be different. When I arrived there were TSA drones milling about even before you got to the security checkpoint and what seemed to be double the usual amount both at the checkpoint and past it. Granted, this was my first time through Sacramento's airport but it is on the smaller side and there was definitely more of a TSA presence than I've seen at larger airports on a regular day. Given all this, I was actually surprised there were no heavily armed stormtroopers roaming about also.

Everything was proceeding as normal but as we lined up for the Southwest cattle call, two TSA agents began meandering through the crowd, with one woman having everyone that had a bottle of water open it so she could hold, what appeared to be a test strip, above the opening. The other, a guy, just followed distantly behind writing on an 8.5 x 11 notepad as she did the tests.

Further back, away from the gate, two other TSA agents were observing all of us while randomly engaging some of my fellow travelers. Meanwhile, at the entrance to the jetway a twenty-something TSA goon stood there with his arms folded, trying to look intimidating and "greeted" us as we entered the tunnel.

Five TSA folk for one lil old flight, boy did I feel safer.

Now I could turn this into a rant about how the terrorists have "won" by making us look under every rock for a boogy man that doesn't exist or as bin-Laden was want, to bankrupt us by forcing us to fight expensive wars on his terms. After all, the terrorists would like nothing more to see America as land of the broke and home of the scared.

Nor will I make this an opportunity to point to the words of the terrorists that show in no small part that our interventionist foreign policies are the root cause of their wish to destroy us. I'm in no mood today to defend myself against those who would label me as being part of the "blame America first" crowd.

Instead, as the title of this post suggests, I believe that this is just another in a long line of steps that our federal overlords are taking to condition us to be subservient little sheeple in their ever expanding police state. They are getting us used to the sight of heavily armed para-military forces on the streets and airports and subways. I wonder how soon it will be before those blue TSA outfits turn black and they themselves are armed. There will be more and more reminders that only Big Sis can guard over us and protect us as they cover us like one big security binky.

As usual, government creates the problem and then tells us that they are the only ones capable of solving it.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote that "[t]hey who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." except today, the liberty that we have surrendered in the name of safety has not led us to be any more safe. The world has always been a very dangerous place but it took a tragic event like 9/11 to open our eyes to our naïveté and hubris.

We cannot let our fears, real or manufactured, be used by Leviathan as a convenient excuse to enslave us, all under the guise of protection.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tell PPP To Include Gary Johnson In GOP Polls

Public Policy Polling (PPP) has removed Sarah Palin from their 2012 GOP polls and is asking for suggestions on who, if anyone, should replace her.

Please let them know via Twitter, at @ppppolls, that former NM Governor Gary Johnson deserves to be included in their GOP polls.

Not only is Governor Johnson, a 2 term governor who vetoed 750 spending bills and left the state with a budget surplus, a legitimate candidate for President in 2012 but he has been polling better than Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman in polls that he has been included in and also within 1 percentage point of Herman Cain.

It is not up to the media and polling organizations to determine who should be in the race and by excluding people such as Gov Johnson and Rep McCotter from polls and debates, they are taking on the role of kingmakers and taking the choice away from you and I.

Via Memeorandum

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ron Paul Highlights: G.O.P. Reagan Library Debate, 9/7/2011; Updated: Rick Perry Confronts Ron Paul During Break?

By the Left Coast Rebel

High praise for Doctor No from none other than MSNBC's Brian Williams, in a roundabout -- you're the freak of the bunch -- way, Williams actually points to the consistent brilliance that is Ron Paul:

"Congressman Paul, you are known as the absolutist in the bunch; someone who has consistently opposed the federal government from having any role... and I think by your definition, anything that is not explicitly spelled out in the Constitution. "


Updated: Did Dr. No get under Slick-Rick Perry's skin more than the lame stream media is reporting? Apparently so if you get a load of this picture:

Photo by Reuters

From Reason.com:

Reporting from the International Business Times (states) that "during a commercial break, Perry walked up to Paul's podium, physically grabbed Paul's wrist, and pointed at Paul's face with his other hand"
Just what the hell did Slick Rick say to Ron Paul? Anyone have audio of this? Perhaps we will never know. Read the rest of the story at the International Business Times.

New Ron Paul Ad Exposes Al-Gore-Supporting Fraud Slick-Rick Perry

By the Left Coast Rebel

Great stuff from the Ron Paul campaign:

Matt Welch at Reason on the Paul campaign political ad:

Here is audio-visual near-proof of a crucial difference between Paul '12 and the rEVOLution of '08: This time the libertarian Republican is in it to win it. The production values are upper tier, the choice to attack Texas Gov. Rick Perry indicates a candidate trying to elbow his way past other grassroots-pleasing types, and the Reagan-good, Gore-bad message of bedrock conservative principle is plainly tuned to tickle the ears of mainstream Republicans.

But there's a fascinating gap in the ad's chronology, one that is a good deal more complex than the choice at the commercial's end between "Al Gore's Texas cheerleader, or the one who stood with Reagan." Ron Paul, like many small-l libertarians, was indeed an early and enthusiastic supporter of Ronald Reagan's presidential ambitions...in 1976. By 1988, when Rick Perry was still a Democrat who supported and endorsed the-then Blue Doggish Al Gore, the initial libertarian enthusiasm for "Reagan's message of smaller government and lower taxes" had disintegrated into acute alienation over the Great Communicator's tangible record of growing government, debt, and foreign entanglements.

Lots more at the link.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Jimmy Hoffa Celebrates Labor Day by Calling for Violence Against Tea Party: "Let's Take These Son of Bitches Out"

Image: Jimmy Hoffa Jr. and Barack Obama

Cross-posted at the Left Coast Rebel

I saw the headline at Drudge today and frankly, the first thing I thought to myself was, "Jimmy Hoffa?" "I thought he has been 'missing' for a couple of decades, or three?"

Wrong Jimmy Hoffa, this is junior we are talking about here; the same one that is inseparably attached to Dear Leader's hip. I guess I forgot Jimmy Hoffa junior runs the Teamsters now.

Junior, stumping for Obama this Labor Day, quoted at Real Clear Politics:

"We got to keep an eye on the battle that we face: The war on workers. And you see it everywhere, it is the Tea Party. And you know, there is only one way to beat and win that war. The one thing about working people is we like a good fight. And you know what? They've got a war, they got a war with us and there's only going to be one winner. It's going to be the workers of Michigan, and America. We're going to win that war," Jimmy Hoffa Jr. said to a heavily union crowd.

"President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let's take these son of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong," Hoffa added.

Obama addressed the crowd shortly after Hoffa.

Do you think the incendiary violent rhetoric above is the most disturbing aspect of this story? Or, do you think that Obama's appearance and speech immediately after Hoffa's violent, incendiary speech is more disturbing? I vote for the latter. By appearing with and supporting this man -- Hoffa -- Obama puts a Presidential-stamp-of-approval on Hoffa's words.

I wonder what fair-minded Americans will think about that?

: If you want a crystal-clear glimpse of just how controlled the media is here in the United States -- it gives the USSR's Pravda a run for its ideological money -- read this New York Times/AP "news story" about Obama's Labor Day speech.

Not. One. Mention. Of. Jimmy. Hoffa's. Violent. Remarks.


Updated: Incestuous from the start, a little nugget from the past. Apparently in 2008 Obama pushed hard for ending federal oversight of the Teamsters.

From the WSJ, May, 2008:
Sen. Barack Obama won the endorsement of the Teamsters earlier this year after privately telling the union he supported ending the strict federal oversight imposed to root out corruption, according to officials from the union and the Obama campaign.

It's an unusual stance for a presidential candidate. Policy makers have largely treated monitoring of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters as a legal matter left to the Justice Department since an independent review board was set up in 1992 to eliminate mob influence in the union.

Sen. Obama's rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Hillary Clinton, has declined to take a stance on Teamsters oversight. During his eight years in office, President Bill Clinton took no action to end the special board. Democratic presidential nominees in 2000 and 2004 -- Al Gore and John Kerry -- didn't address the issue, according to Teamsters officials.
Ain't that nice. Barack Obama -- the same man that leaves no stone unturned in his quest for federal oversight over every minute aspect of our individual lives, economy, freedoms and privacy -- saw it fit to end oversight over a notorious labor group with a colorful-criminal past.

Happy Labor Day, Jimmy Hoffa.

The Tea Party says hello to your best-bud Obama, too.

Updated x2: Leslie Eastman blogged about this before me (way to go) and gets an Instalanche to boot! Leslie notes that Hoffa's speech was intended to rile up the union-thug-Detroit audience before Obama hit the stage.

Mission (not) accomplished.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

See Ya In A Week

It's been a long time coming but I finally get a much needed break from the work life and will be taking a mental health vacation to visit family and friends back east. Can't say I'm looking forward to dealing with the TSA for the 5th time in 3 weeks but at least it's for pleasure instead of business.

I'm also going to attempt to take a little break from politics but it may be tough since we're heading back to deep blue Massachusetts.

So take care my friends and keep the fires burning, I'll catch you on the flip side.
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