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Break The Cult That Is Government, Be Free By Lee

One of my favorite blogs is a site run by Bill Buppert called Zero Gov, which seeks to abolish the tyranny of government and free us from the slavery imposed on a free people by the state. Bill promotes the rights of the individual to self-govern and I applaud him for that. While I haven't quite come to that point yet, I still believe in the need for some form of government, there is a compelling argument to be made for individual anarchism and self-governance.

I hope that you enjoy this alternative point of view. If freedom is what we strive, this is the direction we really should be looking toward.
“Nationalism is our form of incest, is our idolatry, is our insanity. ”Patriotism” is its cult. It should hardly be necessary to say, that by ”patriotism” I mean that attitude which puts the own nation above humanity, above the principles of truth and justice; not the loving interest in one’s own nation, which is the concern with the nation’s spiritual as much as with its material welfare /never with its power over other nations. Just as love for one individual which excludes the love for others is not love, love for one’s country which is not part of one’s love for humanity is not love, but idolatrous worship.”

- Erich Fromm

There is no religion, mantra, life choice, sexual orientation, food, race, martial art, philosophy, tradition or other that can rightly claim supremacy without becoming a cult meme, a cult by definition is a negative thing. Devotion without compromise while admirable for the cultist is in the end something that will restrict knowledge, trample others, and cause pain and great suffering. The idea embodied within the desire for government is that each person is subject to what the others around them desire, either through regulation, restriction or coercion running the gamut from fining to death.

Self-rule (freedom) calls for respect for all other opinions and beliefs as long as those of others do not cause them to threaten or cause harm to others, in that they are restricted by virtue of the need for self-preservation. Self-rule allows others to practice what they will without restriction or the desire to “regulate” said actions. Self-rule is perfectly embodied in society, which calls for peaceful cohabitation without restriction.

For every approach there are hundreds of alternative views, and they are limited only by natural law which follows the simple maxim of “do no harm,” those who truly desire freedom will not deign to cause others harm or restrict their actions. In a truly free society, everyone is allowed to be who they are, and must learn to live with others and their differences. Freedom requires nothing but allows everything as long as those actions taken do no harm to another.

In a truly free society, there is no reason for war, prisons or the initiation of force and violence.

In a truly free society, peace is taken for granted because there is no greater meme to follow, or promote.

Within a free society each can choose what they will and sit down for coffee with anyone they wish to.

In a legislated or a “gun-run” society, be it democracy, socialism, communism, fascism, theocracy or monarchy, there is only the greater meme, there is no real thought for the individual because the individual is a threat to the safety and goals of the legislated society. This is government, and this is why government cannot in any way ever be good. Government is incapable of righting wrongs because the wrongs committed are exclusively the province of the government. Outside of the natural law, or the simply followed “do no harm” there is no law that is just. Government divides, society rebuilds, government restricts, society advances, government kills, society births new life.

Many will argue that without government we would have nothing, however, I argue that historically it has been free society and not government that has given us advancement. There is no advancement that was not first initiated by the single thoughtful man, government historically has not created or advanced anything without harnessing through force the labor and intellectual wealth of individuals.

It was not government that discovered washing would keep one from becoming ill regularly; in fact, government at the direction of religion (another form of government) burned those who would advance medicinal practices for “witchcraft.” It was not government that discovered nuclear power, originally meant for peaceful clean energy solutions it was government that caused it to be vilified and treated as evil through its military uses. It was not government that created gunpowder, originally used to mine in China, it was government that later discovered that it made a better weapon to murder millions. It was not government that dreamed of flight, rockets, and submarines. It was government that made those platforms of war and through their use in military applications reduces the potential for true space travel. It was not government that initiated any positive thing, it was government that has stolen, coerced and “required” all to further its goals.

Government is treated as a supreme being by some, venerated by many and reviled by few. In the end, government is simply an entity, one that can easily be discarded and need not exist. Government exists solely as a result of the support given it by the adherents of the cult that is it. Be free, and withdraw support. There is no real need for government, everything that is supposedly accomplished by government can and is accomplished better by each of us. Break the cult meme hold government has on you, and remember we are all humans, only under government are we divided by anything.

“It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so.”

- Robert A. Heinlein

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Living Within Our Means

You can't spend more than you take in, period. All you need to do is look at the chart and see what the problem is; the federal government spends more than it takes in. [Now the author of the article wants to give defense spending a pass but that is just whistling past the graveyard, we don't need to spend more than the rest of the world combined on defense.]

So what would I do, cut, cut and keep cutting. Cut entitlements and non-defense discretionary spending by 50% and defense by 66% and you have cut $1.66 trillion from the books. It won't be popular and it will hurt but you can't spend money you don't have. The nation will be far healthier and our economy will get back on track much quicker if we just live within our means.

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The Debt Ceiling, The GOP And The Tea Party

Had the opportunity to attend the Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit in Phoenix yesterday. Unfortunately I've been feeling a little under the weather but I wanted to see Ron Paul so the Saturday afternoon General Session was all that I felt up to seeing.

Tim Pawlenty gave a well received rah-rah speech, not much substance just a lot of rhetoric and Dr Paul was on point as usual, preaching the benefits of a return to Constitutional government. The panel discussion on the Debt Ceiling was the most eye opening and comments made by new AZ Republican Congressman David Schweikert were the most disturbing.

On the panel with Rep Schweikert were economist Alex Brill who talked about the nuts and bolts of the debt ceiling and WSJ columnist John Fund who gave a public perception point of view. When Schweikert was asked if he would vote for an extension of the ceiling he said he would which drew a chorus of boos from the 2,000+ in attendance. The self appointed Tea Party Congressman attempted to explain his reasoning that he is for increasing the debt ceiling but only if there are concessions for spending cuts, which didn't sway the audience. He even went as far as saying that he would be for multiple small increases with cuts attached to each increase. To me and everyone else this is still a non-starter and is what is wrong with our elected official today; they just don't get it, we want less spending, not more.

I'm no rocket surgeon but I do manage to balance my household budget; if I want to spend less, I don't spend more and promise my creditors that I will spend less in the future, things just don't work that way. If our newly elected officials don't understand this concept then they have no business being in office in the first place. A limit is not a limit if you keep voting to increase it.

We need to hold Congress' feet to the fire and let them know that any increase in spending is unacceptable. Horse trading will not be tolerated, they need to make drastic cuts to get the debt under control and everything is on the table. The American people want the credit card to be cut up, that was the mandate of the 2010 midterm election and if David Schweikert or any other self proclaimed Tea Partier doesn't get it they can find other employment.

If the GOP wants to have a serious discussion they need to use Senator Rand Paul's proposed $500 billion in cuts as a starting point but with a bigger cut to defense than the junior Senator from Kentucky calls for. Anything less is just business as usual in DC and we will have none of it. Both parties need to do what is right, not what will get them reelected and if it means that the federal government needs to shut down, so be it. Too much is at stake.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Sides Have Been Chosen

If there was ever any doubt which side the POTUS stood with, we now have a clear line in the sand and he doesn't stand with those of us who who earn our living. By mobilizing his organization and speaking out against the State of Wisconsin, the Organizer in Chief has shown where his loyalties lie. "I think everybody's got to make some adjustments, but I think it's also important to recognize that public employees make enormous contributions to our states and our citizens." said the President to a Milwaukee television reporter calling Governor Scott Walker's attempt to rein in spending "an assault on unions".

Mr President this may be news to you but for many, the adjustment to the Keynesian policies of yours and the previous administration is called being jobless. The adjustment Gov Walker is asking for is that public employees pay half of their pension costs and at least 12 percent of their health-care costs. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to see the disparity.

In a sick way the left is like Robin Hood but instead of stealing from the rich to give to the poor, they steal from the working class to give to the rich. Frederic Bastiat said it best, "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." Taxation is just a fancy name for theft and those feeding from the public trough have an ever increasing appetite for OPM.

Matt Welsh absolutely nails this sentiment perfectly in this Hit & Run piece.
We are witnessing the logical conclusion of the Democratic Party's philosophy, and it is this: Your tax dollars exist to make public sector unions happy. When we run out of other people's money to pay for those contracts and promises (most of which are negotiated outside of public view, often between union officials and the politicians that union officials helped elect), then we just need to raise taxes to cover a shortfall that is obviously Wall Street's fault.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

NASCAR And Government Sponsorship

I love racing as much as the next guy; the missus and I spend many a Sunday glued to the TV watching the boys of NASCAR going left around the world at 190 mph but do I really want my tax dollars funding race teams when our nation is drowning in debt?

Rep Betty McCollum D-MN has set off a firestorm with NASCAR fans over her proposal to ban the military from sponsoring NASCAR teams. With their colors proudly displayed on cars the Army, Air Force and National Guard spend well over $30 million a year just for the privilege. Sure it's a tiny sliver of the nearly $800 billion in the defense budget and a drop in the overall $3.7 trillion budget, but it's a start.

Good for you Rep McCollum.

While we're at it, why has there been no outrage over wards of the state, Government Motors and Chrysler, spending over $100 million annually on the sport in sponsorships and advertising. Granted NASCAR would suffer and people would loose jobs but isn't this, by extension, a government bailout for a professional sport?

These are tough times and we can't be spending on frivolity.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oops: DHS Shuts Down 84,000 Websites By Mistake

As part of the joint DHS-DOJ "Operation Protect Our Children" 84,000 websites were seized and shut down in error, with a banner accusing the sites of peddling in child pornography displayed on them.

Of course Big Sis and Co are all to happy to let us know that they were successful in seizing 10 domains that they accuse of trafficking in kiddie porn, as the press release trumpets, but what about the other 83,990 innocent victims? Seems like some sort of apology is in order.

We've seen how good of a job they have done with our borders and airports, why does it come as no surprise that they screwed up the interwebz.

The conspiracy theorists want to believe that this is some master DHS test run on cyber control while most people will chalk it up to another case of government ineptitude. Being one to never underestimate the stupidity that is government; I'll take government ineptitude for a thousand, Alex.
The US Government has yet again shuttered several domain names this week. The Department of Justice and Homeland Security’s ICE office proudly announced that they had seized domains related to counterfeit goods and child pornography. What they failed to mention, however, is that one of the targeted domains belongs to a free DNS provider, and that 84,000 websites were wrongfully accused of links to child pornography crimes.

As part of “Operation Save Our Children” ICE’s Cyber Crimes Center has again seized several domain names, but not without making a huge error. Last Friday, thousands of site owners were surprised by a rather worrying banner that was placed on their domain.

“Advertisement, distribution, transportation, receipt, and possession of child pornography constitute federal crimes that carry penalties for first time offenders of up to 30 years in federal prison, a $250,000 fine, forfeiture and restitution,” was the worrying message they read on their websites.

As with previous seizures, ICE convinced a District Court judge to sign a seizure warrant, and then contacted the domain registries to point the domains in question to a server that hosts the warning message. However, somewhere in this process a mistake was made and as a result the domain of a large DNS service provider was seized.

The domain in question is, which belongs to the DNS provider FreeDNS. It is the most popular shared domain at and as a result of the authorities’ actions a massive 84,000 subdomains were wrongfully seized as well.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Atlas Shrugged Part 1 Trailer

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CPAC 2011 Straw Poll Results: Ron Paul Wins Again

And once again the establishment is downplaying the results.

The spin will be that Paul supporters packed the house and that Romney, with his second place finish, is the real winner and the prohibitive favorite for the top spot on the GOP ticket in 2012.

I was also glad to see that Gary Johnson finished in a tie for third with NJ Governor Chris Christie at 6%. Of course this will be downplayed as well, with the spin being that the heavy libertarian turnout at the event favors a good showing by the former NM governor.

CPAC 2011 straw poll results
Ron Paul - 30%
Mitt Romney - 23%
Gary Johnson - 6%
Chris Christie - 6%
Newt Gingrich - 4%
Tim Pawlenty – 4%
Michele Bachmann – 4%
Mitch Daniels – 4%
Sarah Palin – 3%
Herman Cain – 2%
Mike Huckabee - 2%
Rick Santorum - 2%
John Thune - 2 %
John Huntsman - 1%
Haley Barbour - 1%
Other - 5%
Undecided - 1%

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Video: Rand Paul Speaks At CPAC 2011

After watching this speech, I can say without hesitation that Rand Paul will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years and if Obama retains the presidency in 2012, I can see Dr Paul being a major player in the 2016 run for the White House.

The Unintended Consequences Of QE2

H/T Big Government

We all know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, the monetizing of debt has devalued the dollar and has cause a spike in food costs around the world. Now none of us should be surprise. It doesn't take a genius to see that since the Fed's printing presses have been running 24/7 our weekly food bills have been rising; I know where I would spend around $125 a week for groceries a year ago is now costing me $150 or more. Imagine the effect this is having on developing nations.

Certainly QE2 isn't entirely to blame; using 39% of our corn crop for ethanol isn't helping matters either. Farmers have an incentive to grow corn instead of wheat which has helped contribute to the rise in the price of wheat. The heavy rains in Australia have also damaged crops there, further cutting the world's grain supplies as has an increase in the standard of living in China and India where people are eating better, thus increasing demand. A global perfect storm maybe, but QE2 definitely factors in.

Helicopter Ben is all too happy to point to declining supplies and increased demand, chalking up the rise in prices since the introduction of QE2 to a mere coincidence. Evidently devaluing the world's reserve currency has nothing to do with these increases or the corresponding rise in other commodity prices worldwide. Nothing to see here folks says the Fed Chairman, not acknowledging that the price of rice, corn, flour, sugar and cooking oil has jumped by 55% since his intervention in the global economy.

So as riots and regime change, partially attributed to rising food prices worldwide, continue to happen in the Middle East, Helicopter Ben can turn a blind eye while sitting in his ivory tower and proclaim "let them eat T-Bonds".

FAO - World food prices reach new historic peak, 3.4 percent surge in January

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Video: Gary Johnson On Freedom Watch 2/9

"Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, National Defense, that's what's got to be on the table, the big four."

To learn more on where Gary Johnson stands on these issues and more visit his website, OUR America.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

That phrase seems to sum up American foreign policy and the desire of our government to play both sides of the fence. On the one hand we espouse the need for worldwide democracy, where people are free to govern themselves, while conversely we prop up tyrannical regimes who oppress their citizens because they will do our bidding on the world stage. At some point in time this was bound to jump up and bite us on the ass and it appears that time has come.

The current turmoil in the Middle East is a direct result of our hegemony. Much like our support of the Shah in Iran backfired, ultimately leading to the uprising in the late 1970's and culminated in the installation of a more repressive theocratic regime, we are about to witness the same in countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria and possibly Saudi Arabia. Time and again we have seen the unintended consequences of our meddling in the affairs of other nations produce results that have made our republic less safe.

There is a common theme among those who support our global intervention that anyone who questions our foreign policy is anti-America. By spinning their narrative in this manner they question the motives of non-interventionists and call us isolationists. That assertion could be no further from the truth as we are all for free trade and open relationships with other nations, we just don't see the need or benefit of dictating to them how to run their affairs. We also don't believe that we should be buying their support through foreign aid. We don't blame America, we blame our government.

It is not our freedoms or our culture that they hate. The people who are rebelling in the Middle East are calling for democracy, free elections and a higher standard of living, doing so through the technology of social media. This proves that the paradigm that we are hated because of what we have and who we are just doesn't fly. We are hated because of our hypocrisy; we say we support human rights but then bankroll the very dictators who deny these people their rights. And for those nations that won't play along, we impose severe penalties on them through the UN, further solidifying the hold of the brutal regime in power at the expense of the people.

It is our hypocrisy that fuels the motivations of the Islamists, not our existence or way of life. Without out our actions they would not have the propaganda to rally support against us and would be relegated to an insignificant role even in their own region. Yet our government continues to play into their hands with a foreign policy that does nothing to prove their claims wrong.

The men who fought for our independence warned us against forming entangling alliances as they knew it was a road fraught with peril. George Washington said it best in his farewell address, "The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is, in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connexion as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements, let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith. Here let us stop."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tom Woods Fights Back

How do you know when you are turning the tide? When the opposition becomes vocal and attempts to discredit your argument.

That is what has been happening lately in the media as the big government lap-dogs have been out in force lately attempting to marginalize Tom Woods and his remedy against federal tyranny as put forth in his book Nullification.

Well Dr Woods is fighting back with a point-by-point rebuttal of the arguments that are commonly used by the mediots to downplay the notion that the states are sovereign and can nullify federal law. If you are thinking of reading Nullification, his rebuttal will serve as a nice primer for you.

Nullification: Answering the Objections

But we all know how hard it is to argue with a Zombie.

The Green Revolution

Maybe it's time to blame the turmoil in Egypt, Tunisia and the rest of the Middle East on Algore and his merry band of Enviro-Nazis. After all, as Larry Kudlow posits, the rise in food prices may be partly responsible for the anger that is bubbling over among the people of the Middle East.

And why are food prices rising? Primarily because of the Keynesians who think they can fix our economy by printing money and devaluing the dollar, but also because of the idiots who think they can save the planet by using food to power our cars.

Big Government
While the mainstream media focuses on the political aspects of this turmoil, they are overlooking the impact of rising inflation, driven mainly by record food prices. For example, former Bush advisor Dan Senor notes that Egypt is the world’s largest wheat importer. Yet because of skyrocketing prices, Egyptian inflation is now over 10 percent, while some experts estimate that Egyptian food inflation has risen as much as 20 percent.

So I have to ask this tough question: Is Ben Bernanke’s ultra-easy QE2 money pump-priming partially to blame?

Commodities are priced in dollars, and the Federal Reserve has been overproducing dollars for more than two years. Consequently, emerging markets throughout the world — and the food sector in particular — are suffering from rising inflation.

The CRB food index is up an incredible 36 percent over the past year, including 8 percent year-to-date. Raw materials are up 23 percent in the past year. Inflation breakouts have occurred in China, among various Asian Tigers, and in India, Brazil, and other Latin American countries. Even Britain and Germany are registering higher inflation readings.

In dollar terms, the price of wheat has soared 114 percent over the past year. Corn has surged 88 percent. These are incredible numbers.

And let’s not forget that the world’s poor are the hardest hit by food-price inflation. They literally can’t afford to buy bread. It brings to mind the French Revolution in the 18th century. When you see this kind of mass protest in the streets, spreading from country to country, you see a pattern that cannot be explained by local conditions alone.

The dollar is the world’s reserve currency. And the rise of dollar food prices is a global phenomenon. It is a monetary phenomenon, as much as anything.

And that’s why one can argue that the worldwide revolt against soaring food prices is an unintended consequence of U.S. Fed policy. That policy is aimed at reigniting inflation here at home. But unwanted dollars circulating worldwide are hitting foreign inflation rates first. We may well catch this inflation virus before long.

To be fair, not all of the food inflation can be blamed on the Fed. A good part of this problem can also be placed at the doorstep of bipartisan U.S. policies to subsidize ethanol.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2001, only 7 percent of U.S. corn went to ethanol. By 2010, the ethanol share was 39 percent. So instead of growing wheat, our farmers are growing corn in order to cash in on ethanol subsidies. Egyptians who can’t afford to buy bread and have taken to the streets in protest might be very interested to know this.
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