Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's Time John Boehner Goes Crying off into the Sunset and Retires to the Tanning Salon and Golf Course

by the Left Coast Rebel

I apologize for the light blogging on my part lately, I have been so busy!

Regardless of my schedule, I've been following the budget situation via a.m. talk radio in Los Angeles and as the week lumbered on and secret budget meetings commenced in D.C., I started to get the sinking feeling that we were (once again) getting royally screwed by Republican leadership; Weepy-Willow John Boehner in particular.

Consider this post Part I of many posts (and perhaps Daily Caller and Pajamas Media pieces) calling out the GOP's inept, mandate-betraying leadership, I will do so as emphatically and energetically as I chastised King Obama for his (at least honest) socialist ways.

Bullet points from the top of my head:
  • The Republicans -- thanks to incompetent, weak leadership -- lost the messaging battle. This battle was budget, budget, budget, dollars, dollars, dollars, but the geniuses inserted "riders" into the budget, including one directed toward de-funding Planned Parenthood. I don't think that $1 of taxpayer money should go to Planned Parenthood (or funding abortion) but I also believe that inserting this and handing the narrative to the insane, infanticide-left was a stupid move and gave the loony left the perfect screaming-from-the-rooftops about the Hitlerian "cuts against women" opportunity, especially since these guys had no ability (or cajones) to battle against the pr tsunami.
  • Boner must go. How in the world will this man (and Cantor, too) have the balls to go to bat for Paul Ryan's budget? I'm not buying the "be patient and wait until we have both houses of congress and the White House" line, either. Remember what that got the nation during the Bush/Republican congress of the early and mid-2000s. Consider this budget battle "compromise" the vetting process for future GOP leadership.
  • More on Boehner. As CL below notes, Boehner championed TARP, No Child Left Behind, Prescription Drug Welfare and other massively unconservative initiatives. How in the world did Weepy-Willow Boehner survive the November election?
Later today I am hangin' with my buddy W.C. Varones and I can't wait to pick his brain on this budget "compromise." Since he's a numbers guy, and a libertarian, it will be interesting.

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